The Townsite Heritage Society was formed in 1992 with the following objectives stated in its Constitution:  

To protect, enhance, maintain and promote the historical character and integrity of the traditional neighbourhood and business section of the Powell River Townsite by educating children, adults and tourists through:

  • workshops;
  • restoration projects; 

guided tours;
  • providing a resource and research centre;
  • publications;
  • participation in and creation of community events; and by
  • providing an interface between the community and the various levels of government involved in heritage preservation and education concerns.

Our mission statement is as follows:

Within the Historic Townsite of Powell River, our mission is to promote heritage education, heritage conservation and revitalization of the traditional downtown core.

Additional related objectives are to fulfill our responsibilities as the de facto stewards of the Townsite National Historic District, to develop and sustain networked relationships with members of the heritage preservation community provincially and nationally, and to develop a permanent resource centre and living museum that makes local history and heritage experiences more broadly available to the community and to tourists.  

The process of restoring and rehabilitating Dr. Henderson’s House to become the resource and interpretive centre also offers an opportunity to inspire preservation through sustainable “green” practices in restoration, building, landscaping and heating. To see the process of the restoration of Henderson House, see this blog: https://hendersonhouse.wordpress.com/house-plans/

The information on this website was made possible through the efforts of historian Karen Southern and research assistants Mark Cooper and Christine Southall.

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